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TNT2022 Highlights

Title winners:
- 1st place: The Tea Smugglers
- 2nd place: CSSC London Eagles
- 3rd place: XXX Amsterdam Touch Badgers

Taking the wooden clogs home:
- MVP Female: Ilka (Touch Hamburg)
- MVP Male: John (Den Haag Touch)

Be sure to check out Theo Beentjes Sport- en natuurfotografie page for hundreds more photos of the day, thanks again to the photographers Theo Beetjes as well as Fon Somers, Bradly, Bronson and @melissalearphotography.


Clip from the final: CSSC London Eagles vs The Tea Smugglers


Touch n Tulips (TnT)
Mixed open club tournament

Sign up for TNT 2024 is open!

Link here (teams and referees): --> SIGN UP <--




  • 31 August 2024



  • 08:30 - 08:45 Captains meeting

  • 09:00 - 18:00 Tournament

  • 18:00 - 19:00 BBQ and Prize giving

  • 20:30 + After Party



  • Showers and clubhouse will be open for use;

  • 2x grass fields and 1x astro field (international rugby stadium);

  • First aid will be available on the day.


  • We will play according to standard FIT Rules.



  • Full time referees will be provided;

  • Depending on numbers, teams may need to provide a player ref (Level 1 and up);

  • We are currently looking into assessment for people getting level 2 badges as well as higher level coaching;

  • Lunch and dinner is included for full time referees;

  • We will try our best to offer accommodation for full time referees (couch/spare bed);

  • We offer a travel compensation for full time referees outside of the Netherlands based on the referee's badge level (see referee registration below).




  • €500 per team. Fee includes teams of up to 14 players, lunch and dinner (excl. afterparty). 

  • €35 for every extra player (up until 16 players max). Payment secures your spot.

  • After party costs t.b.c.


  • Accommodation close to Sloterdijk is preferable as it is relatively close to the fields (and gives an option for the bus) plus is relatively close to Amsterdam central (train connection is good) and Amsterdam West (great bars and cafés there). Tip: rent a bike! 

  • We've heard good things about the XO hotels - they can usually accommodate larger numbers. The closer you stay to the center the more expensive it is usually.

  • Regarding camping:

Touch 'n Tulips vibes from previous years