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Registration: EFT Club Championships 2021

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Important points:

  • Where and when: Elche, Spain on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December 2021

  • Organiser: European Federation of Touch

  • Format: mixed open, 24 teams from all across Europe

  • Eligibility: EVERY XXX Amsterdam Touch member, minimum age 18 years old.

  • Current Amsterdam ranking from European Touch Club Championships 2019 (ETCC19) --> 14th

  • Sign up before 21/10/2021


Info sheet 14-10-21:

Original Information from the organisers:

Tournament information

The 2021 European Touch Club Championships (ETCC 2021) will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December 2021 in Elche (Spain), at the Ciudad Deportiva de Elche.

The tournament is by invitation only.

Tournament format

The 2021 ETCC will be a 24-team tournament, in the mixed open division. The tournament will be a 2-day tournament, with the following playing format:

  • Day 1: 4 pools of 6 teams, full round robin with 24’ games (5 games per team).

  • Day 2: Cup, Plate and Bowl division with 8 teams each, with knock-out structure (3 games per team)*.

Details about the seeding process can be found in the appendix.

*please note that this can change depending on number of teams

Invitation process

For the European Touch Club Championships 2021 team eligibility is as follows:

Player Eligibility

  • All players must be 18 years old or older.

Squads and Teams

  • The maximum number of team players is 16, with no more than 14 players making up a team per match.

  • The FIT 5 (trial) rules will apply at the event

Referee Nomination

All teams are required to nominate a referee, but the selection of referees will be managed by the European Refereeing Commission. Therefore, there is no guarantee that a nominated referee will be selected.


The winner will be crowned the European Club winner 2021 and will receive automatic entry to the next ETCC

Tournament fee

The tournament fees per team is €650. These fees include tournament entry, water and lunch on both days. Information on how to make the payments will be sent to each of the clubs.

100% of the tournament fees must be paid by Monday 5th of September.

Participants are strongly advised to research local regulation around medical practice and hospitalisation in case of injury, and to purchase their own personal injury insurance, alongside travel insurance.

Tournament cancellation policy

In case the event is cancelled due to the pandemic or unforeseen circumstances, the tournament fees will be refunded to the maximum extent possible.

If less than 16 teams have paid the initial payment of €350 by 15th of August, the tournament may be cancelled.

ETCC19 ranking

  1. England (Hot Custard)

  2. Scotland (Six Pack Roosters)

  3. England (BBR)

  4. England (Cambridge Hornets)

  5. Ireland (Donnybrook Touch)

  6. England (CSSC)

  7. Germany (Touch Berlin)

  8. England (Thames Valley Vikings)

  9. France (Hurricanes)

  10. Scotland (Buffalos)

  11. Spain (San Roque Touch)

  12. Guernsey (Source)

  13. Jersey (Leopards)

  14. Netherlands (XXX Amsterdam)

  15. Spain (Barcelona)

  16. Germany (Frankfurt)

  17. Luxemburg (RCL Touch)

  18. Portugal (Aees Agraria de Coimbra)

Therefore, the NTA ranking for the invitations and club seeding for the 2021 ETCC is:

  1. England

  2. Scotland

  3. Ireland

  4. Germany

  5. France

  6. Spain

  7. Guernsey

  8. Jersey

  9. Netherlands

  10. Luxemburg

  11. Portugal

Clubs from the following NTAs are unseeded: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales.

Seeding for the 4 pools will be based on the order of the highest-ranking club of each NTA at the 2019 ETCC, and randomly for clubs from NTAs who did not have a team at the 2019 ETCC. Clubs from the same NTA will be deemed to have the same seed and their relative order will be randomly drawn. The only exception is the 2019 ETCC winner who will automatically be first seed.

The draw for the knock-out phase is based on the results of the pool games. With A1 being the winner of pool A and so forth.

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