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Monthly Newsletter - June & July 22


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June's MVP

Some say she doesn't sleep. Others say she naps in the sub box. Whatever she does, she's definitely brought a veil of talent with her to Amsterdam. Although she's a long term touch player in her school days, her time at Amsterdam has broadened her ability to play with a mix of all different nationalities and ages.

Be careful not to cross this player or she may take your teeth out - just ask Regan. She also has a mean dive which seems to get through the tightest of defences, rumour has it she's teaching Alvaro's child these techniques.

Now enjoying a well deserved holiday after finishing a decent (debut) summer tournament season including 2 women's tournaments, this months MVP is:

🎖️ Jess🎖️

Queen of the disposable cameras

This month's award includes a travel voucher from our club sponsor Stoke Travel Company.