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International Touch - Open levels expression of interest

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Key points:

Competition weekend:

  • Touch NL is currently in talks with the federations of Belgium, Germany and France to organise a league competition over 1 day between the countries. This would be organized on the 30th or 31st October 2021.

  • The competition will take place in the Benelux or at the German border.

Divisions (open = no age requirements):

  • Open Men

  • Open Women

  • Open Mixed


  • In order to participate in the Euros and World Cup, players will need to prove Dutch nationality or proof of residency for a number of years (at this stage the requirement is 3 years).

  • All members are welcome to join the training camps and be active in the squad. There will be opportunities for non-eligible players to play at tournaments that are "uncapped".

Register your interest as a player and/or management role via this link before the 16th July:



Open letter from Touch NL to all Netherlands Club members:

Dear Touch community,

Touch NL has set up our goal for the next 2 years of sending one or more competitive teams to the Euros in 2022 and at the next World Cup in 2023. Touch NL is committed to growing our player's base and offering young players opportunities to improve and compete at the highest level. Touch NL is committing to organise training sessions specifically for the players playing the Open divisions as well as material support. We would like to take the oppor