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Monthly Newsletter - April 22


  • Player of the Month - April 22

  • Triple X Series - Club's league

  • Referee

  • Training

  • New members

  • Touch'n'Tulips volunteers

  • Upcoming tournaments

  • Sign ups + 2022 club calendar


April's MVP

Joining us in 2021 during our lockdown fitness session, this player has been a consistent presence at training, various sign-ups and social events. His efforts are shown in his measured progression over the course of the year and his positive attitude boosts the atmosphere we enjoy so much at XXX. This player has also taken up reffing really well and is working with Barbs and the rest of the refs to improve his skills and help us raise our level of play. This months MVP:

🎖️ Irvin🎖️

À vaillant coeur rien d’impossible. -Jacques Cœur

This month's award includes a travel voucher from our club sponsor Stoke Travel Company.