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Monthly Newsletter - February 22

Updated: Mar 14, 2022


  • Player of the Month - Feb 22

  • Triple X Series - Club's league

  • Referee development

  • Training

  • Nutrition Crash Course

  • Sign ups + 2022 club calendar


This month's MVP

This (long term) member has shown great commitment to club events, club movements (Project Fearless) as well as backing her touch skills against many opponents (including selling countless dummy passes to all male players, consequently crushing their idea of pride).


You go gurl!

This month's award includes a travel voucher from our club sponsor Stoke Travel Company.


Triple X Series (TXS)

The Draft was held in February and teams are set and looking hot. 1st round this Friday 11 March.

  • Showers are available afterwards;

  • If you would like to store items in the shed this is possible (pick up on Wednesday for example);

  • We aim to put the 6 nations on afterwards in the clubhouse with toasties and lemonades.

Agenda of Games for this 1st Round:


Referee development

To the referee group from last year: we have not forgotten you.

To any aspiring referees (looking at every member now.. ;) ): give reffing a try, it will improve your game as well as the culture of XXX.

More to come.



We're back at training with a few changes this year:

  • In order to offer more to committed members as well as providing an environment for new players (regardless of touch skill level) we are splitting these two groups for the first 4 weeks for the new players.

    • They will have the chance to learn how XXX plays touch, with this strategy the committed group will be least affected.

    • After the 4 weeks, these new player will have the choice to join the primary group and further develop their skills.

    • We encourage you all to welcome these players and help pull them to the level you are at.

  • During the colder periods, we are focusing more on keeping warm with higher intensity drills (including the beloved 32-short). Once things get a bit warmer, the coaches plan to incorporate more of the finer details of touch into our sessions. More to come.


Nutrition Crash Course

Next Week, Thursday 17th March at 7pm, we will hold a nutrition session, covering the following topics:

- How to look better naked

- Nutrition for touch football

- Simple rules to understand what's actually true

- Q&A

Who's giving the session: Regan Kirk. Club's captain and most annoying voice. Also : Certified Sport Nutritionist.


Sign ups and calendar

Sign up to these tournaments as a player or a referee (or both):

Membership 2022 season: If you have not do so yet, please do head to the website for your 2022 registration and membership fees.

2022 club calendar

Current club calendar with input from Touch NL. Subject to change in coordination with club comittee.

Touch 'n Tulips

Date is set: Saturday 20-08-2022

This is our chance to show the rest of Europe what we do and how we welcome touch.


Sign up is closed for the TXS Spring season. Motivate your team and get them to the pitch on the following dates:

Round 1: 11 March

Round 2: 25 March

Round 3: 07 April

Round 4: 21 April

Final round: 07 May

Away tournaments

Check out the tournaments we're aiming for! Sign up and put them into your calendars:

Touch NL League

The Spring edition of the Touch NL League. Let's show the other clubs what we're made of:

🙌 Get involved and sign up! 🙌


Got feedback? Ideas on which we can improve? Let us know:

Until next month

XXX Committee

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