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Monthly Newsletter - March 22


  • Player of the Month - March 22

  • Triple X Series - Club's league

  • Referee

  • Training

  • New members

  • Touch'n'Tulips volunteers

  • Brussels men's and women's

  • Sign ups + 2022 club calendar


March's MVP

A relatively new member with a mean step and one of the best moustache's on the team. Coming from a Netherland's rugby background, he's taken a liking to touch and has been working hard at training (with a great attendance record) to refine his skills. Commonly seen in his trademark Euro-Pizza jersey, this month's MVP is:

🎖️ Fabiano 🎖️

Absolutely Fab-ulous

This month's award includes a travel voucher from our club sponsor Stoke Travel Company.


Triple X Series (TXS)

Agenda and standings:



Great to see some fantastic referee involvement happening from some of the players, big thanks and keep up the great work!

Big shoutout to Kevin for stepping up as our TXS referee while he's injured his hand!



March recap

  • 3 person drive (formerly 3 man drive, it's 2022 now): Eye's up, read the defence. If it's not working, slow it down, calm it down.

  • 32 short: hit your holes. Can't remember what your holes are? Ask around :D

  • New move: 33 back door "glove". Moving through April we will be getting more familiar with this one.


New member protocol

Know a friend who's keen? Want to force your colleague to join? Need to show more people in your life that you DO have a gracious dolphin dive and you ABSOLUTELY score weekly tries on Regan?

Get them on board with this info:

  • First Wednesday of the month = intro session;

  • Always welcome to try social Saturdays;

  • Sign up to training/social events via website calendar (to avoid unforseen cancellations);

  • Two weeks trial period after first Wednesday of the month;

  • Membership options and payment on the website.


Touch 'n Tulips

TnT is our main club event, that helps XXX Amsterdam shine throughout Europe. It is also a great day-event to promote our city, our club, our sport and our people. Do you feel like helping the committee and want to volunteer on the D-Day or before? Please reach out to Aedan, Eliki or Eddy!


Brussels Men's and Women's tournament

As part of national development, Touch NL has put a call out for the coaches of each club to nominate players for the Brussels Men's and Women's tournament on the 28th of May. Nomination is based on several criteria within Touch NL's vision, we won't go into that here.

This will be a team compiled of players from the 5 different NL clubs. There is no sign up required, players will be approached by a coach with the question of whether or not they would like to be involved.


Sign ups and calendar

Don't wait for Sign-up Sundays! Sign up to these tournaments as a player or a referee (or both) today:

Away tournaments

Check out the tournaments we're aiming for! Don't miss the cut-off dates. Sign up and put them into your calendars:

2022 club calendar

Current club calendar with input from Touch NL. Subject to change in coordination with club comittee.

Touch 'n Tulips

Date is set: Saturday 20-08-2022

This is our chance to show the rest of Europe what we do and how we welcome touch.


Sign up is closed for the TXS Spring season. Motivate your team and get them to the pitch on the following dates:

Round 3: WED 06 April

Round 4: THU 21 April

Final round: SAT 07 May

Touch NL League

The Spring edition of the Touch NL League. Let's show the other clubs what we're made of:

🙌 Get involved and sign up! 🙌


Got feedback? Ideas on which we can improve? Let us know:

Until next month

XXX Committee

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