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Monthly Newsletter - May 22


  • Player of the Month - May 22

  • Referees

  • Training

  • Touch'n'Tulips volunteers

  • New members

  • Feature articles: tournament season

  • Sign ups + 2022 club calendar


May's MVP

Another tyrant when it comes to XXX player commitment. Not only present at trainings and social, he was also gunning for huge attendance record to the XXX summer tournament season; challenging the (nearly unbeatable) records of Fon S, February's MVP.

This player has seen impressive progress over his relatively short touch career. The recent highs of the Berlin tournament testify to the fact, running lines on point and the implementation of the moves learned at training are progressing nicely (noice 33 back door score ;)). With all this, we don't even need to mention the incredible reach. We're looking forward to him resuming his touch career after a smooth recovery this summer. We're also keen for more beer-fines for messing up his trade-mark tap-off trick.

This months MVP:

🎖️ Calum🎖️

They may take our <legs> but they will never take our FREEDOM!

Get well soon buddy!

This month's award includes a travel voucher from our club sponsor Stoke Travel Company.



Our head of referee's Barbs has been working with our potential level 1s improving their skills as referees in development. Cheers for working with her guys and girls, keep it up!

One of our players Fon has achieved her Level 1 reffing badge this year at Berlin! Congrats Fon!

Special mention to Doug and Irvin. They are very close to achieving this goal as well and recently got some referee coaching in Berlin. Keep an eye out for these refs at a pitch near you soon.



May recap:

  • 32 short: hit your holes. Can't remember what your holes are? Ask around :D

  • 33 back door. Keep trying it out in a game style environment (under pressure).

    • These were implemented in the tournaments and are beginning to become second nature.


  • 2nd phase play off the above moves;

  • Preparation for Touch and Tulips 2022.


Touch 'n Tulips

We need your help!

TnT is our main club event, that helps XXX Amsterdam shine throughout Europe. It is also a great day-event to promote our city, our club, our sport and our people. It would be fantastic if all players are prepared to lend a hand!

The tournament committee will be asking people to help out with the following tasks:

  • Host a ref: we are aiming to have the whole tournament supported by full time refs - a BIG step for Touch n Tulips. As part of EU touch, it is custom to offer a couch to a ref, these officials are under a lot of pressure this tournament season so please help us with this. Make contact if you would like to support a ref.

  • Food: We are currently looking into catering options as well as a cook-up. We may need help with food prep prior to the event.

  • Gifts: As part of the budget, we will be providing various gifts to the touring teams.

  • Tournament admin: If you can't play or are partially away that day, please come help out!

Tournament comittee Aedan, Eliki, Eddy & Barbs


New member protocol

Get them on board with this info:

  • First Wednesday of the month = intro session and lasts for 2 weeks;

  • Always welcome to try social Saturdays - keep an eye on the instagram for announcement;

  • Sign up to training/social events via website calendar (to avoid unforseen cancellations);

  • Two weeks trial period after first Wednesday of the month;

  • Membership options and payment on the website.


Feature article:

Berlin Capital Cup 21-5-2022

Written by Dr. Dennis

Capital Cup Berlin Touch tournament. The travel to Berlin began as a nightmare for the Amsterdammers. Train delays left right and centre, but at least the few players that did fly (not naming names) had a smooth trip. Tired bodies in the morning of the tournament meant a slow start for Triple X. First game was against Hamburg which was a draw 5-5. Not the best performance, but 10/10 for good vibes. Next 2 games were tough, losing 4-1 to Six-pack and 5-1 Baiona. Lunch break was called and the teams took a well deserved rest and some food (although not too much on the advice from Captain Kirk, who was spooning peanut butter from the jar straight into his mouth with a toothbrush). The afternoon saw better performances from the team, winning 6-2 against Frankfurt, 8-0 against Touch and Tacos and the finishing the tournament with a 7-4 win against Berlin Black.

Overall some good performances in the team, special mentions to first time triple x'ers Seb, Jay and Adele.

MVPs for the tournament were Douglas and Natasha.


Feature article (collaborative):

Brussels Mens & Womens Tournament 28-5-2022

Written by Dr. Dennis (men's open) and Nancy Near-Link (women's opens)

The following weekend saw the Amsterdammers team up with the rest of the Touch NL teams (the Hague, Utrecht & Eindhoven), to join forces and represent the Netherlands (aka. Dutch Lions & Lionesses) in Brussels.

It was an early start for the team, most driving from their respective dwellings. The Dutch Lions had their first game against Cartouch before the sun had even started to rise. Luckily, it wasn't a tough one for the boys, winning 12-3 against a bunch of rugby boys. This gave them a good opportunity to work on their structure, but they didn't. The Lions then played Old Wesley in an impressively high-scoring match for both teams, ending in a draw of 9-9. Following the Irish, the next game was against the Belgium men's open team and it ended in a 3-3 draw. The final game was against Bayonne. Possibly a revenge match for the Amsterdammers in the team from Berlin the previous week. Unfortunately, the match ended in a 6-8 loss.

As per the Lionesses, the ladies had a tough start to the competition… with their first game being the French Women’s open, some of Europe's finest. The score of the first match ended in 7-3 to the French; not too shabby for a relatively new team. As the day progressed, the women’s second game ended with a 4-1 win against the Belgians! And that winning streak continued into the following game with a score of 7-6 against the French Galaxy team; tight game! Overall, the ladies stunning performance throughout the day granted them a well deserve spot in the finals… only to match up to the mighty French women’s open team once again. Despite giving it all they had, they couldn't withstand the hardy French team but it was a fantastic opponent to end the day with! They’ll definitely get them next time!

Overall it was a good first run for the Lions and Lionesses, the team chemistry can only improve from here on out.

Special mentions go to Fabiano who had a fantastic first tournament and Calum, who also put in a great effort. Unfortunately, Fabiano injured his ankle and Calum injured his knee whilst on defense (shutting perfectly as Coach Chris has taught him) with a Belgium head colliding with his leg. We wish them both a very speedy recovery and hope to see them on the pitch with us soon again.


Sign ups and calendar

Don't wait for Sign-up Sundays! Sign up to these tournaments as a player or a referee (or both) today:

Away tournaments

Upcoming, the last tournament of the season before the Euro's 2022.

Paris Elegance! 18 June. Good luck ladies!

2022 club calendar

Current club calendar with input from Touch NL. Subject to change in coordination with club comittee.

Touch 'n Tulips

Date is set: Saturday 20-08-2022

This is our chance to show the rest of Europe what we do and how we welcome touch.


Autumn season TBC.

Touch NL League

Next dates TBC.

🙌 Get involved and sign up! 🙌


Got feedback? Ideas on which we can improve? Let us know:

Until next month

XXX Committee

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