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Referee course: level 1

We've been invited to join a level 1 refereeing course (digitally)!

Main points

  • Cost: Free for XXX members!

  • Structure: 2x 2 hour online theory sessions from an accredited course provider. 1x practical session with assessment (date for practical assessment TBC, locaiton Amsterdam). 1x assessment in game scenario (date and place TBC);

  • Reward (upon succesful completion of the course and assessment): Level 1 badge and accreditation + practise whistle;

  • Target: All XXX Amsterdam touch players.

We want to grow and develop as a club! We want to be that club at tournaments who has both great players and great player ref's with a thorough knowledge of the game; player ref's who can also share their skills and knowledge with other new players.

🙌 We want to be that club! 🙌


There are tournaments around europe which require full time and/or player referees. This rule is created on the basis of safety first (in order to protect the potential exhaustion of the relative small number of people who have the skill to ref and play). This is slowly changing.

🙌 Let's be the club to help make that change! 🙌


This course is also priceless for the development of your fundamental as well as practical touch skills. It also helps with the upcoming selection for Club Championships in Spain this December.

This is why we are calling each and every player to join this referee course. You will be taught the basics of refereeing as well as being provided an insight into the rules from another angle. And it's free!

We as the committee and as players highly recommend signing up 😁. This course will replace normal training on 08-9-2021.


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