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Triple X Series : Birth of a kick-ass League

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Hi all fellow XXX Amsterdam Touch members, As shared earlier during the training your committee is bringing to you the long-time-awaited:


A Bi-annual private league for all our registered members, where 5 franchises representing 5 Amsterdam districts will fight for the title. More information below:



A draft will be organised and teams will be made by the Triple X Series management team based on members registration to the league. (see below "Registration") Players will be assigned to the following teams:

  • Noord Pirates : Black jersey

  • Oost Eagles: Blue jersey

  • West Witches : Red jersey

  • Centrum Cowboys: White jersey

  • Zuid Serpents: Green jersey



5 (or 6 depending on the edition) rounds, spread out over 3 months.

1 round is:

1 Saturday morning (replacing the usual game day, same place, same timeslot). 2 - 3 games (all teams will have the same amount of 2 game rounds and 3 game ro